F350 Towing Capacity


How Much Can a Ford F-350 Tow?

F350 Towing Capacity: The Ford Super Duty(r) is the best-in-class maximum gas conventional towing capacity, making it an absolute force to reckon with in getting the task accomplished.

It comes with dual-rear-wheel drive and 4×2, a Regular Cab, 4×2, and a 7.3L gas engine The Ford F350 in 2021 F350 Towing Capacity is nearly 21000 pounds. That’s typical towing.

Do you need more muscle to pull? You can configure your Ford Super Duty(r) for fifth-wheel/Gooseneck towing. Its Super Duty(r) is a powerful gooseneck towing capacity of 37,000 pounds and the highest maximum 32,500-pound towing capacity for a fifth wheel within its category.

F350 Towing Capacity

Our parts department can assist you in locating the components that you require to boost your Super Duty(r) pickup’s power towing beyond the limits.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that  Ford F-350 has a payload capacity of 7,850 lbs which is about

Ford F350 Engines

Its Ford F-350 lineup starts with the 6.2-liter gasoline engine that generates 385 horsepower, and 335 pounds of torque. The next step is a 7.3-liter gasoline V8 which produces 475 pounds of torque.

There is also an option 6.7-liter diesel V8 which produces 1,050 lb-ft of torque. The three engines all use an automatic transmission that is 10-speed and four-wheel drive or rear-wheel.

Whatever engine you select whatever you decide to use, the F-350 is equipped with plenty of power to haul and tow as well as daily driving and merging, and passing on the highway.

The journey is comfortable and smooth for passengers and gives confidence in towing, regardless of the driving conditions.

F350 Towing Capacity

F350 Towing Capacity Safety & Future

The Ford F-350 was built to haul huge amounts of weight And with it comes great power comes to the responsibility of a lifetime.

It also has a wide range of features for towing that will ensure your safety in New Braunfels and Converse roads regardless of whether you’re towing or not.

Here’s a quick overview of the features you can expect to find:

  • When you reverse the vehicle, it changes the information from the screen of the infotainment system in the direction of the Rear-View Camera. rear camera.
  • To get even better coverage, go to an Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System, which offers 360-degree views of the bird’s eye thanks to high-tech cameras on the sides and front.
  • Travel with security, knowing that your cargo is secure thanks to the Trailer Sway Control as well as AdvanceTrac(r) includes the Roll Stability Control(r).
  • The accessible Blind Spot Information System with Trailer Coverage will help you identify when it’s safe for you to switch lanes.

F350 Towing Capacity FAQs

F350 Towing Capacity

How much can a Ford 350 Super Duty tow?

It’s Ford F-350 towing capacity is 21,000 pounds. It is, however, just a standard towing capacity. This power is provided via its 7.3L gas engine and dual-rear-wheel drive. If equipped with a standard cabin and a regular cab, the Ford F-350 has an impressive capacity to carry up to 7850 pounds!

How much can a Ford F-350 Diesel pull?

The towing capacity for the 2020 F-350 was 12,000 pounds on the bottom range (6.2l engine and the SRW) and increased to 35,750 pounds for the DRW model, which is fitted by a 6.7l diesel motor. When we look at SRW models the range is between 12,000 and the 22,800-pound limit..

How much can the 7.3 gas tow?

For towing such as these it is recommended to buy the 2021 Ford F-350 Super Duty can tow up to 35.750lbs using it’s 6.7 Liter Power Stroke Diesel V8 engine and a 10-speed transmission when it is the Regular Cab model, a 4×2 drive system model.


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