F250 Towing Capacity


F250 Towing Capacity 2022

F250 Towing Capacity: Its Ford Super Duty lineup consisting of the renowned F-250 and F-350 is equipped with the capacity you need to ease the burden of work that is heavy-duty.

But what is the capacity of you expect the Ford F250, specifically, towing? The answer is simple; Ford F250’s towing capacity ranges from 12,500 pounds to a jaw-dropping 22,800 pounds (when equipped with a fifth-wheel/gooseneck trailer). Find out more here.

f250 towing capacity

Ford offers a 6.7-liter V8 with 475 horsepower @ 2600 RPM. The engine is paired with a 6-Speed Automatic W/Overdrive, which helps to generate a total torque output of 1050 lb. ft. @ 1600 RPM for an even greater towing capacity.

This engine can payload a maximum of 2738 lbs. The 2022 Ford F-250 SuperDuty Crew Cab is capable of towing a maximum of 15000 pounds.

Ford F-250 Engine Specs 2022

The F250 Towing Capacity is up to 22800 pounds, however, it is not the case that all F-250 models are capable of this. These three F-250 options for powertrains and engines in addition to conventional and. gooseneck towing features to take into consideration. Find the entire report below:

6.2L SOHC 2-valve Flex Fuel V8 engine, with 6-speed auto transmission

  • Maximum towing capability (standard): 15,000 pounds
  • Maximum capacity for towing (5th wheel/gooseneck): 15,800 pounds
  • 385 hp
  • The torque is 430 lb-ft.
  • 19500-pound normal GCWR equipped with an SRW as well as a 3.73 axle ratio
  • 22,000 pounds max GCWR including SRW as well as 4.30 axle ratio

7.3L 2V DEVCT PFI V8 engine with 10-speed auto transmission

  • Maximum Towing Capacity (standard): 15,000 pounds
  • Maximum towing capability (5th wheel/gooseneck): 19,500 pounds
  • 430 hp
  • 475 pounds of torque
  • The standard weight of 21,800 pounds GCWR equipped with an SRW as well as a 3.55 axle ratio
  • 26,000-pounds max GCWR including SRW as well as 4.30 axle ratio

6.7L Engine with Power Stroke(r) V8 Turbo Diesel engine with 10-speed automatic transmission

  • Maximum towing weight (standard): 15,000 pounds
  • Maximum capacity for towing (5th wheel/gooseneck): 22,800 pounds
  • 475 hp
  • 1,050 pounds of torque
  • 23500-pound standard GCWR that comes with SRW, and 3.31 axle ratio
  • Maximum weight of 30,000 pounds GCWR using SRW as well as 3.55 axle ratio

How Much Does an F250 Cost?

The cost range for the Ford F250 has a wide variation based on the degree of the additional options you pick.

At present, the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for a brand new Ford F250 starts at $34,230. The type of engine, the sunroof along with leather-upholstered seats, are some of the many options that consumers have to choose from which ultimately determine the final cost.

 F250 Towing & Safety Features 2022

On top of the incredible power found beneath the hood of the F-250, this pickup truck is backed by a range of towing and safety features that ensure you’re safely handling the maximum F250 Towing Capacity power. Here are some of the driver-assist features and towing accessories found on this Ford: 

  • Gooseneck Hitch Kit This hitch kit will enhance your F-250 towing experience.
  • Trailer Hook Receiver: This 2.5-inch or 3-inch Ford Tough(r), Trailer Hook Receiver allows you to connect your trailer to your F-250.
  • Trailer Stability Control: This feature lets you easily manage the cargo being towed behind your pickup.
  • Trailer brake controller: This technology synchronizes your vehicle’s brake and trailer brake to ensure smooth stopping.
  • AdvanceTrac (r) with Roll Stability Control (r): AdvancedTrac(r), which uses systems such as selective wheel brake, gyroscopic sensor, and reduced engine power, ensures stability between your truck, cargo, and vehicle, regardless of the conditions.

F250 Towing Capacity

Ford F250 SuperDuty Crew Cab Towing Capacity 2022

Trim Name Towing Capacity Payload Capacity
LARIAT 6.75 ft. SB 3dr Crew Cab (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12900 lbs. 3950 lbs.
King Ranch 6.75 ft. SB 3dr Crew Cab 4WD (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12500 lbs. 3538 lbs.
Platinum 6.75 ft. SB 3dr Crew Cab 4WD (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12500 lbs. 3538 lbs.
Limited 6.75 ft. SB 3dr Crew Cab 4WD (6.7L 8cyl 10A) 15000 lbs. 2738 lbs.
King Ranch 8 ft. LB 3dr Crew Cab 4WD (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12300 lbs. 3282 lbs.
Lariat 8 ft. LB 3dr Crew Cab (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12700 lbs. 3721 lbs.
Lariat 6.75 ft. SB 3dr Crew Cab 4WD (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12500 lbs. 3538 lbs.
Lariat 8 ft. LB 3dr Crew Cab 4WD (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12300 lbs. 3282 lbs.
Platinum 8 ft. LB 3dr Crew Cab 4WD (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12300 lbs. 3282 lbs.
XL 6.75 ft. SB 3dr Crew Cab (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12900 lbs. 3950 lbs.
XL 8 ft. LB 3dr Crew Cab (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12700 lbs. 3721 lbs.
XL 6.75 ft. SB 3dr Crew Cab 4WD (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12500 lbs. 3538 lbs.
XL 8 ft. LB 3dr Crew Cab 4WD (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12300 lbs. 3282 lbs.
XLT 6.75 ft. SB 3dr Crew Cab (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12900 lbs. 3950 lbs.
XLT 8 ft. LB 3dr Crew Cab (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12700 lbs. 3721 lbs.
XLT 6.75 ft. SB 3dr Crew Cab 4WD (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12500 lbs. 3538 lbs.
XLT 8 ft. LB 3dr Crew Cab 4WD (6.2L 8cyl 6A) 12300 lbs. 3282 lbs.

Ford F-250 SuperDuty Crew Cab vs. Competitor’s Towing Capacity 2022

Car Name Towing Capacity Payload Capacity Curb Weight
2022 Ford F-250 SuperDuty Crew Cab 12300 – 15000 lbs. 2738 – 3950 lbs.
2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab 18500 lbs. 3808 – 4017 lbs.
2022 RAM 2500 Crew Cab 10520 – 15060 lbs. 1564 – 3528 lbs. 3648 – 4139 lbs.

F250 Towing Capacity 2021

If you are looking for a sturdy pickup truck that can handle the demands of your normal job site or to transport an RV or boat to the next trip out of Bloomington the 2021 Ford F-250 is the one for you. The world-class F-250 towing capacity comes with:

  • The maximum towing capacity of 20,000 pounds for conventional towing
  • 22800-pound diesel gooseneck, 5th-wheel towing
  • 19500-pound gas gooseneck, 5th-wheel towing

Find out all the details on the amount it will cost you to pull the brand new Ford F-250 can tow in this article provided by Vins diesel. Find out if this truck is able to provide the power you require.

Ford F-250 Specs and Engines 2021

While you can count on seeing a large Ford F-250 towing capacity on East Peoria worksites, the amount you can tow is contingent on the engine you select and the Ford F-250 specs. There are four engines that are available and let us see how they compare:

6.2L V8 with 6-speed Automatic Transmission

  • 385 HP
  • The torque is 430 lb-ft.
  • 19,500-pound standard 5th wheel/gooseneck GCWR that has a 3.73 axle ratio
  • 22,000-pounds maximal GCWR using a 4.30 axle ratio

6.2L V8 w/10-speed Auto Transmission

  • 385 HP
  • A torque of 430 lb-ft
  • Standard weight 19,500 pounds GCWR
  • 23500-pound Maximum GCWR

6.7L V8 with 10-speed Automatic Transmission

  • 475 HP
  • 1,050 pounds of torque
  • Standard 23500-pound GCWR
  • The maximum weight is 30,000 pounds. GCWR

7.3L V8 with 10-speed Automatic Transmission

  • 430 HP
  • 475 pounds of torque
  • Standard weight 21,800 lbs GCWR
  • 26,000-pounds maximum GCWR

F250 Towing Capacity 2020

What is the cost of be the new 2020 Ford F-250 tow? The brand new F-250 isn’t categorized as an extremely heavy-duty pickup truck for no reason, and it definitely does live in the spirit of its Super Duty namesake.

In actuality, its Ford F-250 towing capacity is between 12,600 pounds and 22,800 pounds, based upon the setup you have. This is an upgrade from the model year of 2019. This is in addition to the maximum payload of 4,260 pounds.

  • Normal 6.2L V8 engine, with 6-speed auto transmission With a rating of 385 horsepower and 430 pounds of torque. The configuration can tow between 19,500 and 22,000 pounds.
  • Basic 6.2L V8 engine that comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission Upgrade with the 10-speed transmission increases the towing capacity up to 23,500.
  • The 6.7L V8 engine that comes with 10 speeds of automatic transmission that produces 475 horsepower and an impressive 1,050 lb-ft of torque. this engine can tow up towing ratings from 23,500 pounds up to 43,000 pounds maximum.
  • The 7.3L V8 engine comes with 10 speeds of auto transmission This model delivers 475 lb-ft torque in addition to anywhere from 21,800 to 28,000 pounds of lifting capacity.

f250 towing capacity

F250 Towing Capacity 2019

The average driver who opts for a brand new 2019 Ford F-250 will enjoy a maximum towing capacity of 12,300-15,000 pounds.

If you’re planning to haul greater than 15,000 pounds an auxiliary gooseneck trailer or a fifth-wheel hitch will be needed.

In addition to its remarkable towing capacity and hauling capacity, the Ford F-250’s new Ford F-250 boasts a payload capacity of more than 4,250 pounds.

Ford F-250 Specs: Towing Capacity By Trim and Cab

The cab, engine, and drivetrain of your Ford F-250 significantly impact how much it is able to tow.

  • F-250 4×2 Gas V8 with Regular Cab: 13,300 pounds to 15,800 pounds
  • F-250 4×4 Gas V8 with Regular Cab: 12,800 pounds to 15,300 pounds
  • F-250 4×2 Diesel V8 with Regular Cab: 18,500 pounds
  • F-250 4×4 Diesel V8 with Regular Cab: 16,500 pounds
  • F-250 4×2 Gas V8 with SuperCab: 13,000 pounds to 15,500 pounds
  • F-250 4×4 Gas V8 with SuperCab: 12,600 pounds to 15,100 pounds
  • F-250 4×2 Diesel V8 with SuperCab: 17,300 pounds
  • F-250 4×4 Diesel V8 with SuperCab: 15,400 pounds
  • F-250 4×2 Gas V8 with Crew Cab: 12,900 pounds to 15,400 pounds
  • F-250 4×4 Gas V8 with Crew Cab: 12,500 pounds to 15,000 pounds
  • F-250 4×2 Diesel V8 with Crew Cab: 16,800 pounds
  • F-250 4×4 Diesel V8 with Crew Cab: 14,700 pounds

Engine space

Engine 6.2L Fuel-Flex Gas V8  6.7L Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel
Horsepower 385 HP 450 HP
Torque 430 lb.-ft. 935 lb.-ft.

F250 Towing Capacity 2018

The capacity of towing for 2018 F250s varied from 12,200 to 18,500 pounds. The amount of capacity your truck could handle was contingent upon a myriad of aspects, but two main factors that influenced it were the engine that you installed on your vehicle and your axle’s ratio.

Engine options: Two different options for engines on the trucks, and it was either the standard 6.2 L engine which ran on gasoline or an additional 6.7 L engine powered by diesel.

Its 6.2 L engine is very powerful, with an optimum capacity of barely over fifteen thousand pounds. However, it was the 6.7 Diesel engine had a greater capacity, weighing to over 18,000 lbs. If you had the right equipment mounted in the vehicle.

F250 Towing Capacity 2017

In 2017, the Ford F250s had an overall towing capacity that varied from 12,200 to 18,500 pounds. and varied based on various variables.

These variables included the engine you were using and the ratio of your axle and cab type and length of your wheelbase as well as the length of your bed.

A few of these variables affected the numbers more than other variables however, all were impacted in some way.

Engine options: The only engines available for these trucks. the first was the 6.2 L or one that was a 6.7 Liter engine that was on the majority of the more recent model year F250s.

This 6.2 L engine powered by gasoline as opposed to the 6.7-milliliter engine was a diesel engine.

Axle Ratios As I mentioned previously that the axle ratios that were employed by each engine differed and looking at the chart,

We find that models that were equipped by engines with the 6.2 L engine had either the 3.73 or 4.30 rear axle ratio. Trucks with a 6.7 Diesel engine with either a 3.31 back axle or a 3.55 rear axle.

F250 Towing Capacity 2016

The towing capacity of the 2016 F250s was between 12,200 and 16,600 pounds. It was based on the engine you were using, the axle ratio you had and the configuration of your cab, and if you had either a four-wheel or two-wheel drive truck.

If you were using a traditional hitch, you only managed to reach 14,000 pounds. This is in contrast to the fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch, which was able to attain that greater 16600 lbs. rating.

Engine options: The HTML0 engine had two distinct engine options, and they comprised of a 6.2 L engine, and a 6.7 L one. This 6.2 L motor was a gasoline engine, whereas the 6.7 L was a diesel engine.

There were various axle ratios to each motor, which means it was difficult to determine the differences, however looking at the cabin configurations, we will observe there was a difference between the supermodel and the crew cab with a diesel engine was equipped with an impressively higher capacity for trailer weights, when compared with models with gasoline-powered engines.

F250 Towing Capacity 2015

Its 2015 Ford F-250 can tow anywhere between 12,200 and 14,000 pounds. There are a variety of factors that determine the precise towing capacity including dimensions of the cab, bed size, axle ratio the type of engine, and the hitch.

The total weight for a trailer on a load-carrying Ford F250 should not exceed 6000 pounds (with 6.2 L engines) or 8,500 pounds (with 6.7 Diesel engines).

6.2 L V8

Its 6.2 L V8 gasoline engine was the least powerful in this year’s F250 series. It’s only able to produce 385 horsepower @ 5,550 RPM in addition to four05 lb.-ft. of torque at 4.500 revs per minute.

The smallest engine is its towing capacity ranges from 12,200 and 12,500 lbs in that 6.2 Liter.


Its 6.7 L V8 Turbo Diesel is the only diesel engine as part of the F250 family. It is a whopping 860 lb.-ft of torque at 1,600 rpm, and 440 horsepower at 2.800 rpm.

Its turbo diesel motor comes with the most towing capacity up to 14,000 pounds and ass as low as 12,500 lbs.


The hybrid truck is attractive to many because it’s affordable, can transport and tow standard loads, has good gas mileage, and keeps the look and feel of an old-fashioned pickup truck.

Only a handful of choices available for purchase will produce 3950 lbs of payload capacity and 15000 lbs of towing capability.

If you plan to do any towing with your Maverick, you’ll have to purchase the 4K Towing package or an accessory receiver for the hitch since it doesn’t come with one.

Be sure to consider any modifications you make to the vehicle to decide if your car can meet the specifications set by Ford.

If possible, always do your calculations regarding GVWR and GCWR to get the most precise numbers.

 F250 Review

 F250 Towing FAQs

F250 Towing Capacity

How much can a Ford F-250 Super Duty tow?

When properly equipped, the Ford F-250’s base-level 6.2L V8 motor can tow 15,000 lbs. The truck can tow 15,000 pounds when paired with the 7.3L engine. However, it can tow 19,300 pounds when equipped with a 5th-wheel/gooseneck.

Can  F-250 pull 17000 lbs?

When properly equipped, the Ford F-250 can haul up to 18,000 pounds. The truck is powered by a 6.7L Power Stroke(r), V8 Turbo Diesel diesel engine. It can haul a boat or trailer up to 18,000 pounds.

Which truck has the highest towing capacity in 2022?

Top Towing Trucks, 2022 Edition

  • Ram 1500 TRX Maximum Towing Capacity: 8,220 Pounds
  • GMC Canyon Max Towing Capacity 7700 Pounds …
  • Jeep Gladiator Max towing capacity: 7,650 Pounds. …
  • Ford Ranger Maximum Towing Capacity: 7,500 Pounds …
  • Toyota Tacoma Max towing capacity: 6,800 Pounds

Can the F-250 tow a toy hauler

Our 2020 Toy Hauler was towed several times across the U.S. by its previous owner with his 2019 F250 and a Reese slider hitch.

For more information visit their official website at

F250 Towing Capacity

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