Ford Maverick Towing Capacity & Features


Ford Maverick Towing Capacity & Features: The latest addition to the Ford truck line-up is the only full hybrid pickup available in America! Its 2022 Ford Maverick is already making its name as a compact pickup with plenty of equipment that enhances off-roading, towing, and safety.

In addition, it’s been designated as the 2022 North American Truck of the Year! Ford is your go-to source for information on the 2022 Ford Maverick’s capacities for towing, specifications, interior amenities, capabilities, and performance ratings, highlighted by its hybrid design.

Ford Maverick Towing Capacity & Features

The revolutionary vehicle blends the truck scene with an affordable price for the initial purchase and high fuel efficiency, inspired by its Ford Escape and the Ford Bronco structure. It is available in three trim levels starting with the 2022 Ford Maverick XL.

A step higher than that of the 2022 Ford Maverick XLT and on the top of the line is the luxurious 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat. Contact us today to learn more information about this revolutionary Ford pickup!

Ford Maverick Towing capacity 2022

The 2022 Ford Maverick has two towing ratings. The base 2.5L I-4 hybrid truck is rated to tow a maximum of 2,000 pounds.

The optional 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 engine comes with a base tow rating for Mavericks of up to 2,000 pounds. EcoBoost trucks can add Ford’s 4K tow package for $745.

The EcoBoost Mavericks can tow up to 4,000 pounds when the 4K Tow package is selected.

ford maverick towing capacity

Ford Maverick Towing Capacity: Engine Options

It’s 2022 and the Ford Maverick capability towing will vary based on the engine and the configuration you pick. But, you’ll be happy to know that no matter the engine and configuration you choose, you’ll be able to tow at a minimum of 2500 pounds.

Here are the specifics for what you can expect from the Ford Maverick towing capacity for every engine configuration:

Normal 2.5L I-4 Hybrid Drivetrain

  • A towing capacity of 2,000 pounds
  • 191 combined HP
  • The torque is 155 lb-ft.
  • Front-wheel drive is standard.

Additional 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 Engine

  • The towing capacity of 2,000 pounds
  • 250 horsepower
  • 277 pounds of torque
  • All-wheel drive, or front-wheel drive.

Optional 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 with 4K Tow Package

  • The towing capacity of 4,000 pounds
  • 250 HP
  • 277 pounds of torque
  • All-wheel drive

Ford Maverick 4K Tow Package

What do you get in this Ford Maverick 4K tow package allowing you to tow as much as 4,000 pounds across Middletown? Check out some of the fantastic options that help make this tremendous Ford Maverick towing capacity feasible:

  • The 2-inch trailer hitch receiver
  • 3.81:1 axle gears
  • New radiator
  • New cooling fan
  • Seven-pin trailer wiring plug
  • A trailer brake controller integrated
  • Cooler for transmission oil
  • 265/65R17 tires for XL as well as Trims XLT (standard on Lariat)

Ford Maverick Towing Safety Checklist

To ensure your cargo and towing performance is secure and seamless around Conway and Murrells Inlet, there is a range of items you’ll want to inspect to ensure everything is intact. These include:

  • Brakes
  • Trailer Lamps
  • Safety Chains
  • Trailer Wiring Harness
  • Tires/Tire Pressure
  • Hitch Type & Compatibility for Your Unique Towing Purposes

Ford Maverick Towing Capacity & Features FAQs

Ford Maverick Towing Capacity & Features

The available 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine with available all-wheel drive makes Ford Maverick a more than capable machine. With available 4,000 lbs. of maximum towing capacity4 available and its standard 1,500-lb. Payload capacity5, Maverick is ready for work and play.

What does the Maverick tow package include?

The package comes with 225/65R17 tires for the XL and XLT trims (Lariat already has 225/60R18 tires) and a 2-inch towing hitch, a seven-pin trailer wiring plug, and the trailer brake controller is integrated and a transmission oil cooler, an updated radiator a new cooling fan and lower axle gears that are numerically lower.


The hybrid truck is attractive to many because it’s affordable, can transport and tow standard loads, has good gas mileage, and keeps the look and feel of an old-fashioned pickup truck.

Only a handful of choices available for purchase will produce 1500 lbs of payload capacity and 2000 lbs of towing capability.

The 4K towing kit provides an additional 2000 lbs in towing power of the gasoline EcoBoost engine to give a total of 4000 pounds.

If you plan to do any towing with your Maverick, you’ll have to purchase the 4K Towing package or an accessory receiver for the hitch since it doesn’t come with one.

Be sure to consider any modifications you make to the vehicle to decide if your car can meet the specifications set by Ford.

If possible, always do your calculations regarding GVWR and GCWR to get the most precise numbers.

Check out  How to Calculate Towing Capacity for more information.

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