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Contractors and commercial businesses rely on work Gmc Cargo van that can haul people and cargo between job sites. It is crucial to choose the best option for your vehicle so it can last long.

GMC Savana, a full-sized cargo van, is perfect for the job! The Savana is the best van for the job, with its superior performance and durability.

gmc cargo van

Characteristics of the GMC Savana Cargo Van

GMC’s Savana line offers passenger and cargo vans such as the 2500 work van, or the 3500 model. In terms of features, the GMC Savana looks similar to the Chevrolet Express. These are the specs for the GMC Savana 2022 work van:

Pricing and Which One to Buy 2022

  • Cargo Van 2500:$34,695
  • Cargo Van 3500:$37,395
  • Passenger Van 2500:$38,895
  • Passenger Van 3500:$39,695

Wheelbase Specifications

A conventional 135-inch wheelbase or an extended 155-inch wheelbase are also options. These are the typical measurements for a cargo van.


The 4.3-liter V-6 gasoline engine in the standard model can be upgraded to a 6.6-liter V-8 gasoline engine with the extended model.

The only work vans on the market with V-8 engines are the GMC Savana and the Chevy Express. While the V-8 engine produces 401 horsepower and 464 pound-feet of torque, the gmc cargo van can only produce 276 horsepower and roughly 298 pound-feet.

A 2.8-liter Duramax turbo-diesel engine, with a maximum output of 181 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, is another option for your GM van.

Standard equipment for all engines is an eight-speed automatic transmission.

gmc cargo van

Payload and Cargo Area

The large cargo area of the full-size Savana measures 284.4 cubic feet in the long wheelbase model and 239.4 cubic feet in the short wheelbase van. It has exceptional cargo capacity thanks to its potent V-8 engine. However, compared to V-6 engines, V-8 engines are less fuel-efficient.

The Savana 2500 has a 3,280-pound maximum payload for the normal model and a 3,060-pound maximum payload for the extended variant.

The 3500 has a 4,280-pound maximum payload for the normal model and a 4,090-pound maximum payload for the extended model. If you don’t need the larger van’s added cargo, start out with 2500 to keep your costs down.

Other Qualities

Like any well-rounded work van, the one you drive can require particular characteristics based on the jobs you perform every day. These extra items are included in the GMC Savana specifications:

a higher towing capacity than any other vehicle of 10,000 pounds.
When fully loaded, stability control allows for smooth in the back.
a huge 31.0-gallon gasoline capacity.


The van’s only drawback is that there is no high-roof cargo option, although depending on the sector of business you are in, this may be a benefit. Other than that, this cargo van’s top qualities are available to you without any negatives.

Aspects to Consider When Investing in a Savana Cargo Van

gmc cargo van

Any vehicle you use for business needs to be dependable. If you’re thinking about getting a Savana as your work van, the following attributes are important to consider:

1. Efficiency of Fuel

Even though the V-8 is the larger engine option and has more horsepower, if efficiency is your top concern, think about having the normal engine size. While the V-8 engine may need additional equipment, it will burn more gasoline and be less fuel-efficient. Direct injection is a feature of the V-6 engine.

2. Storage and Cargo Space

The Savana has two good choices if you need more space for passengers or freight. Approximately 240 cubic feet of space are available in the Savana 2500, whereas 284 are available in the 3500.

3. Value at Resale

The GMC Savana 2500 is less expensive at first, but if it’s in outstanding condition, it will sell for more money than the 3500. You must also take into account the general affordability of each model as well as how market forces affect the number of buyers who will eventually be interested in your used model.

4. Survival

Your Savana can endure for a very long time if you adhere to the maintenance routine, whether you use it frequently or just sometimes. A GMC Savana has a maximum life expectancy of about 20 years.

4. Repair Prices

Although the warranties for both models are comparable, the 2500 may end up costing less in repairs over time. The timing belt, oil, and brake pad replacement are a few examples of frequent GMC Savana maintenance.

6. Towing Power

The GMC Savana can tow a maximum of 7,400 pounds, while the extended variant is limited to 7,100 pounds. When transportation is essential to your company’s operations, this minor difference might matter.

7. Payload 

The payload of the Savana 3500 is greater than that of the Savana 2500. It is designed to transport more passengers and more cargo. If you require your work van to hold a high weight capacity, the 3500 model is ideal, although both models

8. Taking care

The Savana 3500 has a reduced turning radius than 2500, making it simpler to navigate around confined spaces.

One of the best work vans is the Savana, and Advantage Outfitters’ equipment can make it even better. We provide fitting solutions like shelving packages, ladder racks, floor kits, and much more, as an illustration.

Handi-Ramp Cargo Van  Features: 

  • The ramp is safe to use in all weather situations, including snow, rain, ice, and sand, thanks to its patented 360-degree anti-slip raised-button traction surface.
  • When deploying and stowing the ramp, several ergonomically positioned welded handles on both sides of the ramp prevent pinched fingers and guarantee a solid, secure hold.
  • Our ramps are the simplest, smoothest, and safest to deploy and stow thanks to True Spring AssistTM technology, which consists of extension springs, safety wires, and wheel casters. The van can be operated by a single person.
  • A ramp that has been expertly welded together is safer, stronger, and more dependable.
  • Available in 3 distinct widths and 5 standard lengths to fit a wide range of loading sites and practically any equipment or cargo.
  • has a chain and takes up less than 12 inches of cargo space.

Coverage for Warranties and Maintenance

The Savana comes with a standard warranty package from GMC that is comparable to the ProMaster and Sprinter’s warranties. During the first year, GMC also covers the cost of one dealer visit for routine maintenance, and for qualified fleet purchases, the Savana’s powertrain warranty can be extended to five years or 100,000 miles.

Three years or 36,000 miles are covered by the limited warranty.
Five years or 60,000 miles are covered by the powertrain warranty.
The initial visit is covered by free maintenance.

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