Mini Cooper Towing Capacity


mini cooper towing capacity

The Mini Cooper Towing Capacity is 1,565 pounds. The towing capability from MINI Cooper Countryman John Cooper Works is 2,425 pounds. The curb capacity of the MINI Cooper Countryman John Cooper Works is 3,688 lbs.

2022 Mini Cooper Countryman Towing Capacity

What is the maximum amount that is towable by the MINI Cooper towing? This depends on the type of engine you choose in the selection of your model for 2022. MINI Countryman.

The SAV runs on an ordinary 1.5L three-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine that delivers 4500 RPM and 134 HP. High-end trim levels, including  John Cooper Works, are powered by the 191-horsepower 2.0L four-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine that delivers the equivalent of 206 lb-ft of torque.

If you select when you select the S All trim level, you can increase the efficiency of your fuel thanks to a plug-in hybrid electric motor that is paired with the 2.0L four-cylinder engine.

The various engine options available on the 2022 Countryman are paired with a 7-speed automated transmission. The powerful SAV comes with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

What is the 2020 Countryman’s ability to tow? All trim levels have 2022 as the year of the MINI Countryman towing capacity of up to 1,500 pounds and an 860-pound payload. With the handy MINI Countryman towing eye and eye cover already installed the task of towing a trailer of small size has just become much easier.

mini cooper towing capacity

Can a Mini tow a caravan?

Car Make & Model Max Towing Weight – Unbraked Max Towing Capacity – Braked
MINI Clubman (2007 – 2014) 500kg/1102.3 pounds 650kg/1433 pounds
MINI Clubman (2015 onwards) 720kg/1587.32 pounds 1300kg/2866 pounds
Mini CLUBMAN ESTATE 680 kg/1499.14 pounds 1,100 kg/2425.08 pounds
MINI Convertible (2004 – 2008) 500kg/1102.3 pounds 650kg/1433 pounds
MINI Cooper S (2006 onwards) 500kg/1102.3 pounds 750kg/1653.46 pounds
MINI Countryman (2010 onwards) 500kg/1102.3 pounds 1000kg/2204.62 pounds
MINI Hatchback (2001 – 2006) 500kg/1102.3 pounds 800kg/1763.69 pounds
MINI Hatchback (2006 – 2013) 500kg/ 1102.3 pounds 650kg/1433 pounds

To tow a caravan or trailer with a Mini Cooper, you will need

  • Ball hitch
  • Locking Pin
  • Wrench                                   
  • Screwdriver
  • Hacksaw
  • Trailer/Caravan.
  • Trailer hitch kit                                                   

Additional Features Of The 2022 Mini Cooper Countryman

In addition to the remarkable MINI Countryman capability to tow, you get the latest technology while driving this sports vehicle.

All trims come with the active driving assistant which features forward collision alerts as well as Lane departure warnings.

The top trims of the 2022 MINI Countryman feature

e to assist you in navigating parking spaces that are difficult to find and also adaptive cruise control that allows for safe highway driving.

Interior of 2022’s MINI Cooper Countryman features high-end technology, as well as regular 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment and entertainment system,

sensors to control the distance between the front and rear of the car, and a rear-view camera. Upgrade to smartphone syncing through iPhone CarPlay(r) as well as Android(TM) Auto and the head-up display.

mini cooper towing capacity mini cooper towing capacity mini cooper towing capacity

Some tips when towing a caravan with a Mini Cooper

If you are planning to enter the market by towing the Mini Cooper, you will need to adhere to some guidelines. Below are the steps:

  • Don’t use motorways because the speed at which you’ll have to tow your Mini Cooper can endanger you and other motorists if you are driving on the highway.
  • Don’t exceed 25 km/h (15.53 miles per hour). You must constantly be in control of both vehicles. an excessive speed won’t permit you to anticipate possible problems as well as the vehicle being towed could get into the first
  • Do not limit yourself to shorter distance travel. If you have to travel more than a dozen kilometers then it’s best to contact the tow truck.
  • When towing, ensure that you are sure that the Mini Cooper and the car towing it are properly aligned in order to ensure the best handling.
  • Switch to the red warning light for both cars.


While it’s not the ideal choice for many users, Minis are a great option. Mini can haul a caravan or an entire trailer, and so long as you adhere to every safety precaution in the manual, you’ll be in good shape.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you of a few important tips to follow when you are using a Mini is towing caravans. Do not exceed the vehicle’s towing capacity and hook. Find the towing capacity of the model you own and check the owner’s manual. Because it’s a small vehicle, it isn’t able to be thrown a lot.

Take care when driving the trailer. The extra weight can make it more difficult to stop as well as the extra length will require more turns than could be accomplished by a car of a smaller size.

Make sure that you secure the trailer in a secure manner to make sure it doesn’t shift or fly away while driving. If you have to rearrange an untidy trailer, be aware that you must rotate your steering wheel to the opposite direction that you would like the trailer to go in reverse.

Mini Cooper Towing FAQs

mini cooper towing capacity

What is the towing capacity of a Mini Cooper?

The towing capacity of the Mini Cooper is 1300kg/2 866 pounds for the Mini Clubman (2015 onwards).

Can you tow with a mini?

It is safe to tow a mini. The Mini Cooper is small enough to carry as much as 2000 pounds. It is necessary to purchase a trailer hitch to go with Mini Cooper. You will need to purchase a trailer hitch for Mini Cooper and install it according to the instructions in the guide

Which Mini can tow a caravan?

The Mini Countryman can tow a caravan of up to 2,600 tons (depending on the model) in the event that the trailer is securely connected.

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