Rivian Towing Capacity


Rivian Towing Capacity: We plan to utilize our R1T to haul the Airstream Travel Trailer. We believe that this could be possible, however, there are many considerations.

 Our Airstream weighs 7,000lbs. This is in line with Rivian’s capacity.

 One of the Achilles’ Heels in the Rivian’s capabilities to tow is the capacity to the payload. The maximum payload is 1,760pounds.

rivian towing capacity

 If the R1T comes with an off-road feature this adds quite an amount of weight and lowers the payload to 1,420lbs.

Rivin R1T Performance and Range

Three sizes of batteries are available in the form of one hundred and thirty-five 180 kWh.

 The range is expected to begin at 300 miles on the (late availability) smallest battery and 314 miles when using the larger battery and over 400 miles in the biggest battery.

The truck is equipped with four motors with electric motors, one located at each wheel. 

Our Rivian tester equipped with a medium-sized battery generated 835 hp and 908 pounds of torque. According to Rivian the truck’s specifications, it can go from 0-60 at a speed of 3.0 seconds.

Rivian Towing Capacities

Rivian’s R1S features a capacity for a tongue weight of 810 pounds according to the Rivian Owner’s Forum. What that means is that out of 7,700 pounds,

the R1S is able to tow, 810 pounds can be placed on the tongue or the portion that connects the trailer to the vehicle.

 The remainder of the 7,700 pounds must be placed on the trailer’s wheels. Another thing you need to keep in mind is if you’re towing at the maximum weight of 7,700lbs,

rivian towing capacity

you must calculate the 810 pounds at the end of the tongue into the vehicle’s payload weight capacity, as that’s the amount of weight that will be on the car.

 Although the payload capability of R1S is 1,800 pounds, in the event that you tow 7,700 pounds, you’d only carry 990 pounds of cargo and passengers inside the vehicle.

Rivian R1T Towing Trim Travel

Rivian has announced three trim levels to the R1T. Reservations are already full on this trim level, which is the Launch Edition, which is built on Rivian’s Adventure Package.

Explore Pack: Medium-sized batteries standard vegan leather and heated seating driver adjuster for lumbar, black interior accents

Adventure Package the power cover for tonneau, Rivian Elevation audio system by Meridian Natural-grain Ash wood Interior finishes,

leather perforated heated seats and yellow interior accents the lumbar adjustment for passengers 100% recycled microfiber headliner

Launch Edition Green paint with a special choice, a selection of 22-inch or 20-inch all-terrain sport wheels, and Launch Edition badges for the interior.

Rivian R1T Towing Review

Rivian R1T Towing FAQs

How much will the Rivian tow?

Hence you seem to get around 45% of the Rivian R1T’s 314-mile EPA range when towing upwards of 7,000 lbs.

How far can a Rivian truck tow?

The Rivian R1T has an EPA range of 314 miles (505 km), but it seems that the default estimate in Towing mode is 135 miles (217 km) at 100% state-of-charge (SOC). Less than half the total

Can an electric truck pull a 5th wheel?

So, yes – an electric truck (depending on which one you’re considering) can pull an RV (depending on which one you’re considering). What is this? In fact, Atlis Motor Vehicles has revealed a prototype of a beast of a truck projected to feature a 35,000-pound towing capacity with a 5th wheel/gooseneck hitch

Can a Rivian truck tow a boat?

Tom notes that while the Rivian can’t tow nearly as much as a heavy-duty truck, 11,000 pounds is about as much as he’d ever really need to tow, and that may prove true for many owners. The power response is impressive, even up hills, and Tom says the regen braking makes him feel very safe.

Are electric cars good for towing?

Can you tow with an electric car? Absolutely. In fact, electric cars are arguably better suited to towing than petrol or diesel alternatives. At the same time, some argue that using an electric car for towing is worse than fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

Can you charge a Rivian at a Tesla station?

Can you charge a Rivian at a Tesla station? The Rivian charging network is not compatible with the Tesla Supercharger network. The two networks use different plugs (CCS Combo 2 for Rivian, and Chademo/Supercharger for Tesla) and therefore, you cannot charge a Rivian at a Tesla Supercharger station

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rivian towing capacity

rivian towing capacity
rivian towing capacity rivian towing capacity

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