Tiguan Towing Capacity


The Volkswagen Tiguan is the perfect vehicle ideal for the next Newyork road excursion. It’s spacious inside and has excellent towing capabilities.

If properly set up with the right equipment, the VW Tiguan towing capacity reaches 1500 pounds. What else is the VW Tiguan do? Find out more about the thrilling features of the VW Tiguan with Volkswagen

Tiguan Towing Capacity

Tiguan Towing Capacity & Specs

Like you’d expect from the Volkswagen SUV as you would expect from a Volkswagen SUV, the Tiguan engine delivers an exciting experience, that includes turbo assistance for the Fairfax commute.

The 2022 Tiguan is available in FWD and upgrading to the 4MOTION AWD system is available. Check out this Volkswagen Tiguan engine and performance specifications below:

2.0L Turbocharged 4-cylinder Tiguan Engine

  • 184 HP
  • 221 pounds of torque
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • The capacity of towing: 1,500 pounds

Tiguan Towing Capacity (2018-2022): Chart

Model Year Tiguan Towing Capacity Tiguan Payload
2022 VW Tiguan 1,500 pounds 1,237 to 1,416 pounds
2021 VW Tiguan 1,500 pounds 1,246 to 1,446 pounds
2020 VW Tiguan 1,500 pounds 1,246 to 1,446 pounds
2019 VW Tiguan 1,500 pounds 1,235 to 1,470 pounds
2018 VW Tiguan 1,500 pounds 1,235 to 1,470 pounds

You Can Tow with the Tiguan Towing Capacity & Futures

1500 pounds might not sound to be a lot it’s not, but there are plenty of items that you can pull with the same towing capacity. You can plan your weekend of fishing on your boat, or taking the trails of the Kearney region on your ATV. Your Tiguan engine can tow one of them and it will do it with fashion:

  • Trailer for a kayak/canoe
  • Jet Ski
  • Motorcycle
  • ATV
  • Some single-axle camper trailers
  • Bass boat

What do you need to do to equip the SUV with the 1500-pound Volkswagen Tiguan towing capacity? Choose an accessory for your trailer and you’ll be set to go.

The Tiguan comes with a variety of safety features, including Electronic Stability Control, AntiSlip Regulation, Electronic Differential Lock, as well as Engine Brake Assist.

Tiguan Towing Capacity

Towing Accessories to Maximize Your Tiguan Towing Capacity

Reach the maximum Volkswagen Tiguan capability towing by using the Volkswagen accessories for towing, and make sure you have the gear that you require for each task. Call us at our service center close to the Rockwall region to install the VW Trailer Hitch Kit, which includes:

  • Hitch receiver
  • Mounting and Ball for the ball
  • Electric kit
  • Bolt and clip

Tiguan Interior Cargo & Storage Space

This Volkswagen Tiguan towing capacity will enable you to haul whatever you need on La Crosse roads with ease however, the interior will be spacious enough to have room to accommodate every one of those travel necessities.

For a better idea of the amount of space, you’ll have Here are these dimensions: Volkswagen Tiguan interior dimensions:

  • Front Headroom 39.6 / 39.1 / 33.8 inches
  • Front Legroom: 40.2 / 36.6 / 27.9 inches
  • The volume of Cargo: 65.3 cubic feet
  • The Total Space for Passengers The volume of 124 cubic yards

How Much Price Is a Volkswagen Tiguan?

Prices on the Volkswagen Tiguan S and SE are $25,245 and $27.395 in each case. If you’re looking to find a blend of features that are luxurious and affordable then it’s the SE R-Line Black and SEL trims begin at $30,595 and $32,545 respectively. The top Tiguan model, that is, the SEL Premium R-Line starts at 39,095.

Tiguan Towing FAQs

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How much will a Volkswagen Tiguan tow?

However, with all the features already on offer, can the 2022’s Volkswagen Tiguan also tow? Yes! In 2022, the VW Tiguan capability towing could exceed 1500 pounds with the proper equipment however, with all the features already on offer, can 2022’s Volkswagen Tiguan also tow? Yes! In 2022, the VW Tiguan capability towing could exceed 1500 pounds with the proper equipment

Is VW Tiguan good for towing?

With an impressive towing capacity the VW Tiguan can easily haul any caravan up to limits of 2500kgs. This VW Tiguan is a comfortable vehicle, designed to last for long trips. Additionally, there’s plenty of room as well as the car’s trunk that can be expanded by sliding back seats.

Can a Tiguan tow a twin-axle caravan?

This Volkswagen is a fantastic SUV, and also a fantastic towing vehicle. We’ve been really impressed towing it. Tiguan: it just does the job at hand, towing the big twin-axle caravan with ease.

Tiguan Towing Capacity

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