Toyota 4runner Towing Capacity


Toyota 4runner Towing Capacity 2023

The 4Runner was first introduced to Toyota’s range to be an SUV the year 1984 and has enjoyed a lot of popularity since. Toyota cars are renowned for their reliability and is equipped with features that customers want from modern SUVs, like towing. But, what’s to be the Toyota 4Runner tow capacity?

The Toyota 4Runner has a towing capacity of between 4,700 and 7,300 pounds, depending on the configuration. The latest model years have a capacity of 5,000 pounds. capacity.

Toyota 4runner Towing Capacity

There’s more you need to know regarding Toyota 4Runner towing capabilities which we’ll discuss in our guide today.

Toyota 4Runner Trim Level Engine Horsepower Torque Towing Capacity
SR5 4.0L V6 270 hp 278 lb.-ft 5,000 lbs
Limited 4.0L V6 270 hp 278 lb.-ft 5,000 lbs 
TRD Off Road 4.0L V6 270 hp 278 lb.-ft 5,000 lbs 
TRD Sport 4.0L V6 270 hp 278 lb.-ft 5,000 lbs 
40th Anniversary 4.0L V6 270 hp 278 lb.-ft 5,000 lbs 
TRD Pro 4.0L V6 270 hp 278 lb.-ft 5,000 lbs 

Toyota 4Runner Engine Specs

4.0 Liter V-6 Engine

Each trim level of the 4Runner includes only one engine choice, which includes a 4.0 L V-6 engine.

This engine comes with two78 lb.-ft of torque. It’s coupled with a five-speed auto transmission.

This engine is able to take up to 5,000 lbs.


Toyota 4runner Towing Capacity 2022

Toyota 4runner Towing Capacity: Expect a maximum Toyota 4Runner towing capacity of 5,000 pounds for the 2022 model year, no matter which trim level you select as long as the proper equipment is installed.

What’s more, the new 4Runner boasts a range of cutting-edge towing features to make every journey safer and more efficient. 

The Toyota 4Runner 2022 gets a 4-liter V6 engine under the hood. It produces 471 horsepower @ 6000 rpm and 278 lb.ft @ 4400 RPM of torque. The total weight of the truck is 5000 lbs. The truck has a payload capacity of 1700 pounds, so you can easily tow all your daily gigs.

Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity

Toyota 4Runner Towing Features 2022

The Toyota 4Runner is more than its parts. Nevertheless, it’s worth looking at many of the components like the V6 engine and towing features. We offer the following information on 4Runner towing features.

  • Integrated towing hitch receiver: To help you with your Minneapolis or Edina towing needs, the Toyota 4Runner SUV comes equipped with an integrated tow hitch.
  • Wiring Harness With 4- and 7-Pin Connectors: This wiring harness and connectors allow you to connect your trailer lights quickly.
  • 4.0L 6.0L V6 Engine. We must not forget the engine that powers the Toyota 4Runner’s towing power. A V6 engine that produces 270 horsepower and 278 lb-ft torque gives the 4Runner a towing capacity of up 5,000 pounds.
  • Tire Pressure Monitor System – Towing can cause your tires to lose pressure. The TPMS sends you an alert when PSI levels are low

Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity and Engine Specs 2022

Properly equipped, the 2022 Toyota 4Runner’s Towing Capacity is 5,000 pounds. You won’t need to worry about leaving any items behind when you travel from Billings, MT. You can also expect the following specifications from your 4Runner.

  • 4.0L V6 with Dual Independent Variable Valve Timing and Intelligence
  • 5-speed Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission With Intelligence (ECT–i) and sequential Shift Mode
  • 270 HP
  • 278 lb-ft torque
  • EPA estimates 16 mpg in cities and 19 mpg on the highway

Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity

What Can You Tow With a Toyota 4Runner?

The 5,000-pound 4Runner towing capacity certainly sounds impressive, but how does it translate to your real-world towing tasks? Here’s what a Toyota 4Runner can tow when properly equipped with the 4.0L V6 engine upgrade:

  • Teardrop Trailer
  • A-Frame Camper
  • Car Trailer with Compact Car
  • Pop Up Camper
  • Large Enclosed Utility Trailer
  • Small Travel Trailer
  • Small Horse Trailer

SAE J2807 Towing Rating 

It is Toyota 4Runner towing capacity and comes with a disclaimer saying it is compliant with SAE J2807’s towing ratings.

The standard was developed through the SAE Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), SAE J2807 consists of standards and tests designed to ensure fairness in trailer towing ratings for all vehicles with up to 14,000 pounds in GVWR models 2013 and up to.

The tests and requirements are:

  • Launch on Grade
  • Flat-Out Acceleration
  • Highway Gradability
  • Total Control
  • Braking Performance

2022 Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity

Trim Name Towing Capacity Payload Capacity Curb Weight
SR5 4dr SUV (4.0L 6cyl 5A) 5000 lbs. 1700 lbs. 4750 lbs.
Nightshade 4dr SUV 4WD (4.0L 6cyl 5A) 5000 lbs. 1495 lbs. 4805 lbs.
Limited 4dr SUV 4WD (4.0L 6cyl 5A) 5000 lbs. 1495 lbs. 4805 lbs.
Nightshade 4dr SUV (4.0L 6cyl 5A) 5000 lbs. 1575 lbs. 4525 lbs.
Limited 4dr SUV (4.0L 6cyl 5A) 5000 lbs. 1575 lbs. 4525 lbs.
Venture 4dr SUV 4WD (4.0L 6cyl 5A) 5000 lbs. 1625 lbs. 4675 lbs.
SR5 Premium 4dr SUV 4WD (4.0L 6cyl 5A) 5000 lbs. 1625 lbs. 4675 lbs.
SR5 Premium 4dr SUV (4.0L 6cyl 5A) 5000 lbs. 1700 lbs. 4400 lbs.
Trail Special Edition 4dr SUV (4.0L 6cyl 5A) 5000 lbs. 1700 lbs. 4400 lbs.
SR5 4dr SUV 4WD (4.0L 6cyl 5A) 5000 lbs. 1625 lbs. 4675 lbs.
Trail Special Edition 4dr SUV 4WD (4.0L 6cyl 5A) 5000 lbs. 4525 lbs.

2022 Toyota 4Runner vs. Competitor’s Towing Capacity

Car Name Towing Capacity Payload Capacity Curb Weight
2022 Toyota 4Runner 5000 lbs. 1495 – 1700 lbs. 4400 – 6437 lbs.
2022 Lexus GX 460 6500 lbs. 650 lbs.
2022 Subaru Outback 2700 – 3500 lbs. 3637 – 3937 lbs.
2022 Subaru Ascent 2000 – 5000 lbs. 500 – 4603 lbs.
2022 Honda Pilot 500 – 5000 lbs. 350 – 4321 lbs.
2022 Chevrolet Traverse 150 – 500 lbs.
2022 Dodge Durango 6200 – 7400 lbs. 1380 lbs. 620 – 740 lbs.
2022 Ford Explorer 5000 – 5300 lbs. 530 – 4345 lbs.
2022 GMC Acadia 3300 – 4000 lbs. 1794 – 1846 lbs. 3923 – 4240 lbs.

Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity 2021

 The 2021 Toyota 4Runner can haul up to 5,000 pounds and gives every trim level the capability to tow heavy loads and to handle anything from ATVs and RVs.

The top crossover SUV is equipped with the most advanced towing capabilities to ensure its strength is supported by advanced technology. Before you depart for your next camping adventure from the vicinity of Provo or hook up your trailer with Draper for a cross-country journey

4Runner Powertrain Details

  • Engine: 4.0L DOHC 24-Valve V6 with Dual Independent Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence
  • Horsepower: 270 hp
  • Torque: 278 lb-ft of torque
  • Transmission: 5-speed Electronically Controlled automatic Transmission with intelligence (ECT-i) and sequential shift mode
  • MPG: 16 mpg city / 19 mpg highway / 17 mpg combined
  • All-Wheel-Drive: Available with a Part-Time 4WD system or Full-Time 4WD

At the core of the 2021 4Runner’s immense capability is its engine, and it’s no slouch. As capable of hitting the trails as of hauling heavy trailers, the 4Runner offers a nearly unmatched combination of versatility and capability.

Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity 2019 to 2020

What’s the price of the Toyota 4Runner tow? Each of the seven trims comes equipped with the 4.0-liter V6 engine that is capable that can tow up to 5 000 pounds.

If you are planning on transporting heavy loads over unstable terrain the 4Runner has got it covered with a broad range of standard towing options and driver-assist stability technology options across the entire lineup.

The new Toyota 4Runner comes with many features designed to make towing simpler. It is evident that it comes with its 4.0L V6 engine. it has 270 horsepower and 278 lb-ft of torque and a couple of other essential features include:

  • Wiring Harness has seven– and four-pin connectors It makes it easy to connect your trailer’s lights and helps other drivers recognize your turn signals, even if you’re pulling a huge trailer.
  • Integrated Towing Hitch Receiver Towing hitch receivers are the standard feature of all SUVs that are dedicated to providing an actual towing capability and, of course, you’ll see one on the brand new 4Runner.

Toyota 4runner Towing Capacity

Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity 2018

Its 2018 Toyota 4Runner has a wealth of incredible power and performance features, which include an impressive engine that is engineered to provide you with impressive power, regardless of the terrain.

The engine is a 4.0-liter V6 DOHC engine that is capable of delivering up to 278 pounds of torque. The engine allows the brand new Toyota 4Runner to have an incredible towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

Trim Level

Drive System

Towing Capacity

SR5 FWD/AWD 5,000 lbs.
SR5 Premium FWD/AWD 5,000 lbs.
TRD Off-Road AWD 5,000 lbs.
TRD Off-Road Premium AWD 5,000 lbs.
Limited FWD/AWD 5,000 lbs.
TRD Pro AWD 5,000 lbs.

Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity 2017

Its 4Runner is a pure-blue SUV that is built on a frame of a truck ladder. It is equipped with an impressive 5000-pound (2268-kg) towing capability.

It is powered by an 4.0-liter V6 engine that produces 278 lb.-ft. of torque. the automatic transmission only has five speeds, and the rear axle is rigid. Is it appropriate for you? The hefty seven- or five-seater SUV is ready to go off-road with its comprehensive four-wheel drive system.

Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity 2016

This year’s Toyota 4Runner is a great SUV for a wide range of tasks. It has a 270 horsepower engine and top-quality technology features, such as that of the Toyota Entune suite and a rearview camera the 4Runner is designed to be successful.

Because of its high-end design and robust engine The Toyota 4Runner in the year 2016 Toyota 4Runner is capable of towing up to 5500 pounds. This is quite a large capacity for a vehicle that can tow. To put it in perspective, here are a couple of things that weigh around 5500 pounds.

Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity 2015

The 2015 Toyota 4Runner can tow 4,700 pounds across all trim levels.

Toyota 4Runner Trim Level Towing Capacity
All 4,700 lbs / 2,131 kg

Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity 2014

The 2014 Toyota 4Runner can tow 4,700 pounds across all trim levels.

Toyota 4Runner Trim Level Towing Capacity
All 4,700 lbs / 2,131 kg


If you looking for an effective vehicle that’s durable enough to pull just about anything then consider purchasing a Toyota 4runner. With Toyota 4runner you will be able to tow up to 5000 pounds, which means you can pull just about any trailer along with you

So, if you enjoy camping in the great outdoors and you want to bring both your adventure toys and family with you, purchasing a Toyota 4runner would be a wonderful idea

Toyota 4runner Towing Capacity 2022 FAQs

hyundai santa cruz towing capacity

Toyota 4Runner has an integrated tow hitch receiver that makes it more functional than other vehicles in its class. 4.0L V6 Motor: This engine produces 270 horsepower and 278 lb/ft of torque. The Toyota 4Runner can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

The Toyota 4Runner can tow up to 5,000 pounds. This is true for all trims of the Toyota 4Runner, including the SR5, SR5 Premium, and TRD Sport. This allows you to safely tow a camper, a flatbed trailer, or items such as a jet ski or pair of ATVs.  

 Four-wheelers with V6 engines are capable of towing small camper trailers like the Airstreams. The V8-powered 4Runners can tow most fifth wheels and similar trailers. It is a good idea first to determine a trailer’s “dry weight”, which is the weight of the trailer without any gear.

Light-weight trailers can reach 30 feet in length but can still be pulled by 6-cylinder vehicles. Many of the latest models come with full bathrooms and appliances comparable to larger recreational vehicles. These models offer enough space and convenience for a temporary home away.
Toyota of Brookhaven can answer your question about how much a Toyota 4Runner can tow. We are thrilled to inform you that the 2021 Toyota 4Runner’s towing capacity is 5,000 lbs.
To transport pontoon boats, the 2020 Toyota 4Runner and Highlander, Land Cruisers, Sequoia, Tacoma and Tundra models are the best.

Can a Toyota 4Runner pull a horse trailer?

A 4Runner can pull a horse trailer. You can pull a horse trailer using a Toyota 4Runner. Because it is a mid-size SUV, the 4Runner can pull trailers with great power and can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

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