What is the Toyota Tundra Towing Capacity ?


tundra towing capacity

What is the Toyota Tundra Towing Capacity?

What is the Toyota Tundra Towing Capacity ? : If you’re in the market for an imposing Toyota vehicle capable of handling the most difficult of Louisville hauls The 2022 Toyota Tundra is the ideal option!

Its 2022 Toyota Tundra towing capacity maxes at 12,000 pounds if properly equipped. This top-of-the-line pickup truck comes with New Albany drivers a maximum payload that is 1,940lbs.

If you add in those Toyota Tundra tow mirrors that come with the top towing package, you’ll see that the latest Tundra offers great value at the price of a reasonable cost.

Learn more about 2022’s Toyota Tundra towing capacity and capabilities by contacting Toyota of Louisville below!

Toyota Tundra Towing Capacity

If you’ve learned the towing capability of the Toyota Tundra, you’re likely wondering how the power of hauling is achievable. The impressive performance power rests exclusively on the fierce I-FORCE 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 engine.

There’s more to it than this powerful engine choice available when you buy the 2022 Toyota Tundra. Check out the entire variety of engine specs and alternatives below:

i-FORCE 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 Engine

➡348 hp (i-FORCE 3.5L)

➡405 lb-ft of Torque (i-FORCE 3.5L)

i-FORCE MAX Powertrain

➡437 hp (i-FORCE MAX)

➡584 lb-ft of Torque (i-FORCE MAX)

Towing Capacity

➡SR: 8,300 lbs / 1,885 lbs

➡SR5: 11,270 lbs / 1,885 lbs

➡Limited: 11,400 lbs / 1,860 lbs

➡Platinum: 11,310 lbs / 1,720 lbs

➡1794 Edition: 11,310 lbs / 1,720 lbs

➡TRD Pro: 11,175 lbs / 1,600 lbs

➡Capstone: 10,340 lbs / 1,485 lbs

What does the Toyota Tundra Tow Package include?

If you’re looking to improve your brand-new pickup truck then the Toyota Tundra towing package is accessible for Elizabethtown drivers. Learn more about the amazing features that you can avail yourself in the event you decide to upgrade your already powerful Tundra:

➡Downhill Assist Control (DAC)

➡Crawl Control (CRAWL)

➡Multi-Terrain Select (MTS)

➡Multi-Terrain Monitor (MTM) with selectable Front Side, Rear, and Front Views

➡Load-Leveling Rear Height Control Air Suspension

➡Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) System

➡TOW/HAUL Driving Modes

➡Class-IV Towing Hitch Receiver

➡Wiring Harness for 7-Pin Connector with 7-Pin Wire

➡Toyota Tundra Tow Mirrors

➡And Plenty More!

What is the toyota tundra towing capacity?

Which half-ton pickup truck can tow the most?

The half-ton truck that has the most ability to tow can be found in its Ford F-150 equipped with an EcoBoost V6. This is closely followed by Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (13,300 pounds) as well as The GMC Sierra 1500 (13,000 pounds) as well as Ram 1500 (12,750). Ram 1500 (12,750).

What’s the towing capacity of the hybrid i-FORCE MAX engine?

While the towing capacity and payload numbers are yet to be revealed on the new hybrid 2022 Toyota Tundra expected later this year,

The i-FORCEMAX hybrid engine promises to increase Tundra’s performance specifications from 389 horsepower to 437, and also a more than 100 lb boost in torque.

This, coupled with hybrid engines’ capability to generate greater torque at lower levels of the powerband, lead us to think it is likely that the hybrid 2022 Tundra will have even more powerful capacity in terms of towing and payload.

Keep an eye out for Stampede Toyota for more information about the hybrid Tundra or give us a phone call to inform you when they arrive!

What towing technology does the 2022 Tundra offer?

While there’s plenty of innovative technology located inside the 2022 Toyota Tundra, there are two aspects that will make it easier for this pickup to get the most value from its huge powertrain.

Tow/Haul mode

Tow/Haul mode comes standard in the new 2022 Toyota Tundra, to help set the throttle response for the highest efficiency in towing.

lighter loads such as small boats and utility trailers will benefit from the enhanced throttle response, and Tow/Haul+ offers a more aggressive throttle response to those who haul heavier objects such as RVs, box trailers, or larger boats by turning the dial!

Trailer Reverse Guidance and Straight Path Assist

This forward-thinking, backward-looking technology makes hittingching to a trailer or backing it up more simple than ever. Rear-mounted cameras equipped with adaptive guidelines allow you to back the trailer straight and automatic steering inputs provide you a boost in your direction.

Which Tundra can tow 12000 lbs?

Tundra SR5
The Toyota Tundra’s towing capacity is determined by trim, cab dimensions, and drivetrain dimensions. For the highest capacity of 12,000 pounds, go to go with Tundra SR5. Tundra the SR5 is equipped with the 4×2 drivetrain Double Cab, and a 6.5-foot bed.

What truck is better Ford or Toyota?

In terms of truck capabilities, Ford is the clear winner. Our Tundra, as equipped, had a maximum payload of 1,740 pounds and a towing capacity of 11,120 pounds. The Ford, meanwhile, offered a 2,100-pound payload capacity and, with its Max Trailering package, a towing capacity of 13,900 pounds.

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